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Pro Sizzle Reels 

Work with a professional filmmaker to custom edit your reel

Like a short film, a good Sizzle Reel, or Show Reel, tells a specific story. Your story.


Your footage, like your headshot, is your most important marketing tool. The opening shot should grab your audience's attention. The closing shot should make them want to see more. Everything in between highlights you in your most truthful moments of human connection. 

Most casting directors will watch 45-60 seconds of your reel to see if you can act. Any editor can slice clips together. What I do that is unique is look at you through a creative lens as a writer/director to discover your individual truth.  

Your footage tells a story.  Your story.  Your brand, your type, your marketability all emerge as major plot points as the edit showcases your best work in its most dynamic and exciting way. Once that roadmap is in place, then you have the most powerful and truthful piece of storytelling to promote your success!

Pro Sizzle Reel editing = Dynamic. Bold. Creative. Empowering.

Message me for rates & availability.


I look forward to collaborating with you!

Nick Ronan

Award Winning Filmmaker




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